Email the Queensland Environment Department

Email the Chief Executive of the QLD Department of Environment and Science, James Merrick.

Tell him not to make a decision on Adani’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP) until vital research on the risks of the megamine to the Doongmabulla Springs has been conducted.

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  • You can use our letter as a guide, but we encourage you to use your own wods -- personalised messages have a much greater impact!
  • Don't know what to write? Explain why you want the Queensland Environment Department to conduct crucial research to fully understand Adani's impacts on the ancient Doongmabulla Springs.
  • Let them know why this issue mattes to your personally. You might want to mention that Queensland is currently facing one of its worst droughts in recorded history. And that Adani are currently under investigation for illegally drilling into groundwater at their mine site. Adani can not be trusted to look after Queensland's precious water.
  • Be polite!