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The Queensland Government are taking money from Queensland taxpayers to help Adani build a coal mine that will fuel global warming and drain our water while Queensland is in drought.

Can you remind Queensland Premier Palaszczuk that she promised no taxpayer handouts to Adani and ask her to cancel these special deals?

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  • Don't know what to write? We enourage you to use your own words as personalised messages have the most impact, but here's some pointers to help get you started.
  • Let the Premier know that you're a Queensland taxpayer. 
  • Tell the Premier why you want her to cancel the deal allowing Adani to defer royalty payments to the state of Queensland. You could mention that a royalty deferment and a taxpayer-funded road for Adani breaches the Qld Government's election promise that there would be no public money for Adani.
  • Be polite!

Here's a few other things you might want to mention:

  • Adani are tax dodgers with a long history of shonky behaviour. Adani can not be trusted to pay Queensland taxpayers back for these handouts.
  • Adani can not be trusted to look after Queensland's precious water. Queensland is currently facing one of its worst droughts in recorded history. Adani are currently under investigation for illegally drilling into groundwater at their mine site. The majority of Queenslanders want Adani’s water licences revoked because of threat this mine poses to Queensland’s precious groundwater. 
  • People don't want this mine and Governments must take urgent action to stop Adani and move Australia beyond coal. Two thirds of Australians want this mine stopped. Instead of giving Adani special deals, Queensland Labor should commit to effective climate action by stopping this destructive project.